LJ Art Association Exhibit & Sale

In support of the La Jolla Art Association artists during this difficult time, we have created an online art gallery of featured items for sale. We invite you to take some time to appreciate our weekly posting of beautiful art work for sale.


The major portion of each sale goes to the artist with a small donation coming back to support the La Jolla Community Center. For more information about the artists visit our Featured Artists page by clicking here.

About the La Jolla Art Association

La Jolla Art Association was established in 1918 with a mission to advance the appreciation of fine art in southern California by providing exhibitions and educational opportunities to artists and the public through classes, workshops, and presentations. To learn more click here


Dottie Stanley

"Autumn Splendor"
Medium and Dimensions: Oil, 23 X 31 inches
Price: $1,600 (inc tax)
Statement about the art and current environment: This is a very tranquil scene of nature and all its resplendent colors. We hope this has a calming effect, considering the current environment, on all who view it.
This piece was donated by Dottie Stanley with 100% of the profits benefiting the La Jolla Community Center and La Jolla Art Association.

Gloria Moeller

"Wallflower Gone to Seed"
Medium and Dimensions: Photograph Printed on Canvas and Framed,  36"X36”
Price: $590 (inc tax)
Statement from the Artist: As you have been staying home to stay safe from COVID-19, perhaps you have noticed a bare wall or an outdated artwork you would love to replace.  This photograph of a wallflower gone to seed is a reminder of the intricate patterns found in nature that can calm our souls during difficult times. 

Darlene Katz

"Waiting for Sunset"
Medium and Dimensions: Oil on Wood, 24"X36"
Price: $2,500 (inc tax)
Statement from the Artist: One of my favorite places in La Jolla!

Dana Levine

"Ancient Arts and Crafts"
Medium and Dimensions: Digital Photography, 11.75 x 7.75 (image)   20 x 16 (framed)
Price: $275 (inc tax)
Statement from the Artist: This digital photograph was created by merging two images; the elevator doors at the Lodge at Torrey Pines and an ancient metal mask.

Dana Levine Ancient Art and Craft a ligh

Sharon Hinckley

"You Got Mail"
Medium and Dimensions: Watercolor, 17 X 21 inches
Price: $497 (inc tax)
Statement: The scene depicts two mailboxes and a picket fence surrounded by red roses.  It is reminiscent of an earlier time when the pace was slower.  When people wrote letters by hand and people savored reading them . . . even saving them to read again and again.  Perhaps even passing them on to future generations. Now that we are being asked to stay in and slow down, it might be time to revive the fine Art of letter writing.

Mary Young Duarte

"In the Studio"
Medium and Dimensions: Oil, 20 X 24 inches
Price: $590 (inc tax)
Statement: The model was a close friend of mine and she agreed to pose for our small painting group. I loved the pose so it was fun to do.

Dottie Stanley

Medium and Dimensions: Oil, 40 X 30 inches

Price: $2,800 (incl tax)
Inspiration: People of everyday lives are coping with the stress of today’s Coronavirus. The chef finds himself out of work and spending his time being idle and engaging in a crossword puzzle.


Salli Sachse

"Into My Heart"

Medium and Dimensions: Oil, Belgian Linen, 18X20 inches

Price: $2,580 (incl tax)
Statement: I have always been attracted to the beauty of flowers and the mystery of their center. When I gaze at their inner workings my heart magically opens.

SalliSachse Into My Heart .jpg

Vita Sorrentino

"Madam B"

Medium and Dimensions: Water Media, 21 X 26 inches

Price: $1,100 (incl tax)

Statement: As I was creating Madam B, I tried to evoke the beauty of the butterfly without actually painting it. The analogous soothing purples and blues, plus the abstracted movements are part of the enigma of Madam B.