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Member making donation to La Jolla Community Center
"For it is in giving that we receive"  
- St. Francis of Assis

We honor the people that have given their time and provided financial support to the La Jolla Community Center. These are the individuals whose generosity helps us continue our successful programs and events and offer new and interesting classes for learning and growth. 

Please consider gifts that you’d like to share with us … to help us grow and our offerings. We welcome your gifts of service…your financial gifts to support the Center’s efforts or help with necessary expenditures. In 2019, we are focused on building a new roof with solar panels—just another way you might provide support to us.  And ultimately a huge gift to us is your gift of being one of our valued members. 

La Jolla Community Center is committed to serving the community through its programs, classes and events.  La Jolla has approximately 14,000 residents over age 50 and in the decade ahead, this figure is expected to double to 22,000. We want all these residents to know their community center is dedicated to serving their needs in the years to come.

Please consider a tax-deductible donation to La Jolla Community Center so we can continue to offer great programming and classes.  And thank you for your continued support.

Make a stock donation...another way to make your charitable dollars go farther!

Consider giving a donation of stock—allowing you to save on your taxes--twice. Instead of selling the assets of your stock and making a cash donation, donate your long-term appreciated securities to La Jolla Community Center. This way you can take advantage of the applicable tax incentives and increase the amount of funds available to you for charitable giving.