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Author Talk: Reinventing Your Life in the Second Half with Confidence, Purpose and Passion (and post-COVID 19!)

Laura Diaz, Professional Life Coach

Thursday, July 22, 10-11:30am

Research has shown that people can thrive and do thrive past retirement. Many choose to engage with ongoing education, inner exploration of their purpose, and being expressive with a hobby or part-time work. Today, our experiences in this second half are also affected by the pandemic, as we begin to reinvent our lives, and reexamine and rediscover who we are, where we belong, and what we care about. The second half of your life is unique to access your wisdom, reclaim your passion and clarify your purpose.  This is the time to embrace a deeper expression of you and at the same time redefine the concept of retirement in the second half of your life.

About Laura Diaz:

Laura Diaz is a board-certified life coach and founder of In Harmony Coaching.  She has worked with women in life and career transitions for more than 20 years. Her focus is to help clients build their self-confidence so that they can make a smooth transition with courage and ease and discover the keys to unlock their passion and zest for life. Laura has taught life purpose, leadership skills, visioning and confidence building classes to adults and seniors for Oasis in San Diego, and for a variety of churches and other civic organizations. As well as individual coaching, she has offered small group online coaching groups for the past eight years and is currently facilitating a six-month coaching module entitled “The Success Club.” Laura’s recent Kindle eBook: Choose Confidence:  21 Ways Women Can Increase Self-Confidence is expected to be published in paperback this summer.  
Her website is

This event includes a reception in the courtyard inclusive of pastries and refreshments.

Thursday, July 22, 10-11:30am.

$5/Member, $15/Non-Member.

Limited capacity. Ticket purchase required to reserve your seat.

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