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Pair your Holiday meals with one or both of these fine Italian wines! More info coming soon.

Wine 1: Duca Carlo Guarini "Taersia" Negroamaro in Bianco

  •100% Negroamaro from Salento, Puglia

  •1st ever Negro Amaro ("Black Black") vinified as a white wine 

  •Unique and captivating aromas of mandarin taffy and melon marmalade with a long dry finish

  •"Taersia" means "Storm" in the local fishermen's dialect as it was such an innovative idea

  •Pairings:  pasta with shellfish, baked fish, butter chicken, roasted veggies

Wine 2: Batasiolo Barbera d'Alba "Sovrana"

  •100% Barbera grown in a Barolo vineyard (Piemonte), one of the most expensive vineyards in the world

  •18 months of ageing between botti (large barrels) and barriques (small barrels) and bottle refinement

  •Smooth, bright, and intense with notes of red fruit, dark cherry brandy, mocha, and spices.

  •"Sovrana" means "Soverign" and is an homage to the first queen of Italy, who lived nearby

  •Pairings:  pasta and risotto dishes (meat filled pasta, pasta with gorgonzola, risotto with mushrooms, etc), pork loini, poultry, veal

The only cost of attendance is the purchase of the 2 wines, exclusive to the La Jolla Community Center Tasting. Presented by Stefano Poggi.

Thursday, December 17, 5-6:30pm. $45 for both bottles of wine. Must be 21+ to participate.
Registration required. Wine will be available for pick up at Bird Rock's fine wines on December 14. Delivery available in 92037.


Stefano Poggi was born in Rome, Italy to an American mother and an Italian father and grew up between Rome and San Diego.  After finishing his degree in Psychology at the University of California San Diego, Stefano sought for a way to connect his Italian heritage to his life in the United States and found that Italian wine was the perfect bridge.  He loves to share the stories of wine making families in Italy throughout the Americas.  Stefano is a Certified Specialist of Wine with the Society of Wine Educators and a distinguished Italian Wine Specialist with the North American Sommelier Association.

Holiday Wine Tasting "Raising Expectations"

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