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Wednesday, October 7, 10am

Designing your Home Environment in Uncertain Times

Linda Medina, Linda Medina Interior Design

We are all spending more time at home these days. Whether you want your surroundings to nurture and calm you; or if you want them to have an upbeat vibe, hear some ideas of how you can make your spaces at home safe and nurturing.


Linda Medina is the principal and lead designer for Linda Medina Interior Design, a full service interior design studio in Pt Loma. Throughout her design career Linda has worked in the healthcare, hospitality, commercial design fields as well as the residential field with projects throughout the southwest and Arizona.


Linda’s work has been published frequently over the years and has won numerous awards, the latest being Bathroom of the Year 2019. She has participated in Designer Showcase homes including Rancho Santa Fe, Bankers Hill, Pt Loma and Downtown. Visit her Website for more information at:


Wednesday, October 14, 10 AM

Fall Fashion Update & A Simple Fashion Lifestyle   

Aissa Villanueva, manager SIMPLE La Jolla (La Jolla boutique for men and women)


During these unpredictable times at work or at home, SIMPLE La Jolla boutique manager and fashion coach Aissa Villanueva will share information about the store’s comfortable, practical, casual and “simple” approach to everyday clothing choices. She’ll also present some new styles from their new fall fashion line-up.


SIMPLE La Jolla offers clothing and accessories for men and women with its emphasis on luxurious and sensuous fabrics, quality craftsmanship and design that is comfortable but with a timeless fashion style. SIMPLE’s apparel consists of small collections imported from Europe or specialty pieces handmade in the US. Its mission is to present SIMPLE, casual, elegant fashion options for customers seeking a similar lifestyle. You can follow SIMPLE La Jolla on Facebook or Instagram @simplelajolla.


No Wednesday Connect on October 21.

Wednesday, October 28, 10 AM

How Computers & Digital Technology Impact Our Lives & the Role of Technology During COVID-19.

Ben Shapiro and Michael Viesca

Entrepreneurs Ben Shapiro, CEO and Michael Viesca, Chief Sales Officer will provide an overview of TekMate - a company focused on offering a range of classes and consultations to seniors on adopting and utilizing the best of computer technology to assist them in their personal lives. They will share professional experiences working with seniors and provide case studies and research on how adopting technology provides value and enhances the quality of life for seniors.


This is a free introductory class for an upcoming 4-part series that begins Tuesday, Nov 10-Tues, Dec 1, 2020 at 1PM.​ Click here to learn more about the upcoming course.

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Safety In Your Home

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Real Estate During Covid-19 and Ways to Maximize the Value of your Home

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Do You Own Your Stuff or Does Your Stuff Own YOU - COVID Edition

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Stranded in Another Continent During the Lockdown

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