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Wednesday, February 3, 10 AM

Staying Positive, Facing Frustration, and Creating Opportunities

Cindy Burke, Ph.D.

A new year is often a time for resolutions and intentions. Dr. Burke will share her insights and practical advice regarding things we can do daily to be happier and more at peace, including ten tips and questions to ask ourselves to make each day the best it can be.


Dr. Burke is originally from Miami, Florida, received her B.A. in Psychology from The American University in Washington, D.C. in 1989, and her Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from UCSD in 1998. As the Director of Research and Program Management for SANDAG, Dr. Burke has spoken regularly with local media outlets and her positive social media posts and words of wisdom from her research received recognition and she is now asked to speak on the topics to groups on a regular basis. Dr. Burke is a runner, reader, and mother of three children, not counting her labradoodle Walter.

Wednesday, February 10, 10 AM

Intro to Sketching

Minnie Valero

Learn about renowned artist Minnie Valero’s artistic process in sketching. Sketching allows you to remember more details than just taking a picture - when traveling or around town. Be bold, dare to sketch the life around you!


Born and raised in Córdoba, Argentina, Minnie Valero immigrated to the US with her family, and pursued a career in public high school education while obtaining Masters degrees in English and Linguistics, Counseling and Educational Policy from UCLA.  Now, she divides her time between her home in California, and her travels around the world (when allowed), painting and teaching art in French, Spanish and English.  


Artist Statement: I enjoy working with watercolor, pastel, acrylic and oils, artfully blending classical and contemporary. I let the painting choose the medium. Portraits, landscapes, figures: my divergent interests in genre stem from a deep love of the interplay of light, shadow, mood and drama, always trying to convey harmony in the composition. I am a contemporary impressionist. The challenge of doing something unusual, and sometimes working with found mediums keeps my work fresh, relevant, and ever evolving. I am now working with original pigments from Nepal. We will see where this leads. I paint with pleasure and passion.

The benefits of art and creating for seniors are endless. Some benefits include:    

  • Increased motor skills and coordination    

  • Cognitive function and stimulation    

  • Improved mood and mental health    

  • Opportunities for social connection

Sketching Workshop will be held on Thursday, March 18 at 3 PM.

Free, open to all.


Wednesday, February 17, 10 AM

Helping Care - an app for caring for family members, young and old

Kim Sutliff

Helping Care is an application developed for Apple and Android Phones that will help you in the caring of family members, young and old. Helping Care allows you to have information readily available for yourself or all family members that you help care for—everything from doctors, medications (active and stopped), schools,  caregivers, therapists, and hospitals.  You can email and phone directly from the app.

About Kim Sutliff

Born and raised in Illinois, I moved to California at a very early age, attended college, and got married. I have worked several jobs and am currently the executive assistant for the chairman of the board at a manufacturing company.

Some years ago my parents started experiencing a decline in health. I was keeping all their information (doctor’s notes, prescriptions, appointments, etc) in several notebooks then later translated to binders. As the information grew so did my preoccupation to keep it up to date.

During the last six years of keeping up with all this information, I came up with the idea that saving their information on my mobile device would have made things much more manageable.  Luckily I found a friend that helped me translate that into this app. 

We believe it can be a great help to many families.

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