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Senior Centers Are Vital to the Health and Well-being of A Community


Senior centers provide countless hours of support and encouragement to older adults, and have become integral to health care delivery in our communities by providing COVID-19 guidance, vaccine education, and vaccinations to their participants. And they've played a role in addressing an issue that we all knew was important even before the pandemic: social isolation. 

Senior Center Month has come and gone, but our efforts are year round, and we are asking for your support! Please consider making a contribution to support the La Jolla Community Center today!

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Why Seniors Centers Matter


By 2030, our region will be home to almost one million people over the age of 60. The dramatic increase of older adults in San Diego County is happening now, and we must take action to provide the resources and supports they need. The new wave of older adults have longer life spans, smaller family and friend support networks, and wider ranges of housing, transportation, caregiving, health care and technology challenges.*

Did you know that less than 3% of charitable giving nationwide is directed toward programs for senior citizens?*

La Jolla Community Center is committed to serving the community through its programs, classes and events.  La Jolla has approximately 14,000 residents over age 50 and in the decade ahead, this figure is expected to double to 22,000. We want all these residents to know their community center is dedicated to serving their needs in the years to come.

*Source: San Diego Seniors Community Foundation

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A Note from the Executive Director


Our success over the last 13 years is thanks to you. Your support has allowed our vision of creating a Community Center that is an essential institution for all active adults and seniors in the community to come true. We strived for modern renovations for our building, with accessibility and sustainability in mind. We initiated innovative programs and series that engaged with our members and aligned with our mission. Due to the pandemic, we faced many challenges, but we rose to the occasion and were able to remain an asset to our community during the last 2 years.


The pandemic taught us many great lessons and changed life as we knew it, from our routines to goals and priorities. One of the greater lessons learned was that community is essential.


Your gift today allows us to continue to provide a place in the community where all adults and seniors can continue to connect, engage and learn through our offerings. Please consider making a contribution to support a specific program (see options below) or to support our general operations.

Our goal is, and always has been, to be YOUR center. On behalf of the Board and Staff of the LJCC, we want to express our deepest gratitude for your continued support. Please consider making a gift today. No gift is too small, and every gift is appreciated.

With gratitude,


Nancy Walters

Executive Director

Please Consider Sponsoring one (or several) of the items below:

La Jolla Community Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and contributions are fully tax-deductible. Tax ID# 20-8682354. 

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