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The La Jolla Community Center has a long history of involvement with La Jolla and is committed to enhancing the lives of adults and the growing senior population. We honor the vision of Florence Riford, whose contributions paved the way for the evolvement and expansion of the Center as it is today. Our 7,200 square-foot, newly remodeled and modernized Center includes a range of meeting and multi-purpose rooms, a serene courtyard, a fully equipped kitchen, and an inviting lobby area.   Located blocks from the ocean, adults of all ages enjoy our varied classes and program offerings and concert series. We constantly listen to the needs and views of our members, and develop strategies that meet those needs. 


We provide a range of specialized and life-enhancing classes focused on promoting an active mind, body and spirit. Our goal is to present these classes and offer events that encourage social connections—the building of social networks that result in lifelong friendships. Members can learn a new language, appreciate music, freshen up their computer skills or take a cooking or painting class. They can understand how their lifestyle contributes to healthy brain functioning and learn ways to reduce memory loss. They can attend one of the 7 different types of yoga classes, fitness and flexibility classes, meditation, dance classes and more.  Members also can enjoy a range of social functions, day trips, and luncheons. We also offer a robust concert series including our Fourth Friday Jazz Series, featuring renowned local jazz musicians; and our Opera Wednesday, a monthly event showcasing San Diego’s top opera singers. Additional dance and music programs explore blues, Latin, rock ‘n roll, salsa and more. 


Life enhancing programs – Unique opportunities to connect with others in the community and form lasting friendships – A welcoming staff ready to meet and talk with you -- Opportunities to learn and grow  -- Fitness/health/wellness offerings that can pave the way to health and longevity – A serene and safe place to relax, enjoy and have fun. 

Mission, Vision, Values


HolidayCelebration - Olga Grimes, Barbara Gray

To provide programs and services that promote lifelong learning, wellness and friendship. 


La Jolla Community Center members

To  create a path of growth and learning and a viable social network for our members and guests. 


La Jolla Community Center member


We listen, address and fine-tune our strategy to meet the needs of the members and guests at our Center.  

Marge Niven, transportation coordinator and Lee Stillman
La Jolla Community Center members


We are dedicated to the needs of the greater La Jolla community and seek to enrich the community through our programs and services. 


We are committed to provide the highest quality programs and services to educate, promote health and inspire our members and guests. 

A Note from the Executive Director

As the executive director, it has been my honor and pleasure to be part of the growth and transformation of La Jolla Community Center during the last 8 years.  During my tenure, I have been fortunate to witness how lives are changed, friendships are developed and wellness is restored.   Our mission is to promote these intrinsic values of lifelong learning, friendship and wellness through the programs and services we provide. 

La Jolla Community Center holds a space for all adults--from younger adults who love jazz and fitness to seniors who are experiencing isolation and memory issues and enjoy chair yoga and painting.  I have seen our brand evolve as we offer adults in our greater community a wider variety of programs and concerts.  We have seen exciting growth in our special concert series, such as the Fourth Friday Jazz and Opera Wednesdays. These events bring together individuals of all ages to enjoy a variety of music forms by some of San Diego’s top musicians and vocalists.  

I am proud to report that we have experienced a 75 percent growth in membership during the last decade and I look forward to continued growth in the years to come.  It is my desire to reach many more adults in our community—perhaps some that feel isolated or alone. We have a warm and inviting place for them and can help them find solace and belonging. Our diverse programing such as our Four Pillars of Brain Longevity can help many of these individuals learn how to reduce their risk of cognitive decline. Other classes can help to promote fitness—with yoga, stretch and balance and strength and flexibility classes. We also provide a free transportation program for those that find it difficult to drive. 

On behalf of myself, the board and our staff, I want to welcome you to join our family of members. Know that we are committed to you in all that we do. And for our dedicated members, we thank you.  Your support and generosity make it all possible. 

Nancy Walters

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