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Learn at your leisure through the prerecorded videos below!



Kundalini Yoga with Guru Amrit

Kundalini Yoga 2 with Guru Amrit


Mindful Meditation with Barbara Yoes

T'ai Chi with Sherlie Miller

T'ai Chi 2 with Sherlie Miller

Tai Chi 3 with Sherlie Miller

Silver Sage Yoga with Carolyn Bolin

Yoga for Seniors to Build Stronger Bones with Carolyn Boline

Yoga for Quality Life and Longevity for Seniors with Carolyn Boline


Silver Age Yoga Online Video Classes

Fitness & Dance

Strength & Balance with Jimmy Hylton

Strength & Balance 2 with Jimmy Hylton 

Strength & Balance 3 with Jimmy Hylton

Dance Routines from Jazz Dance by Alexandra Jeannin
Routine 1
Routine 2

Routine 3

Routine 4 (Soft Stretch)

Routine 5 (Tango)

Mindful Movement and Dance

Ico-Dance with Amanda Banks

1 Connecting with Three Centers

2 Moving from Three Centers

3 Moving with Imagery

4 Moving with Imagery

5 Journeying Across Oceans

6 Growing and Shrinking with the Breath

Distinguished Speaker Series

Dr. Dilip Jeste - Loneliness and The Role of Wisdom

Opera Wednesdays, Virtual Series

Part 1, August 2020

Part 2, November 2020

Part 3, December 2020


Bridge Tips with Scott Farr

Mahjong Tips with Carol Cohn

Music Instruction

Ukulele with James Clarkston

Enjoy Music from Our Series

Fourth Friday Jazz Series
Gilbert Castellanos & Irving Flores

The Danny Green Trio
Holly Hofmann and Mike Wofford

Lorraine Castellanos

Opera Wednesdays
Mary Boles Allen, Walter Du Melle, Maria Janus

Anniversary Cast

Ana Belaya, soprano

Nicholas Newton, Baritone

Bernardo Bermudez and Chad Frisque

Virtual classes

Virtual Classes are live and in real time and require registration. Click here to see the schedule

Other Online Learning Opportunities


Bridge Online

The Wednesday Bridge group players are connecting and playing Bridge online through a free app called Trickster Cards. Play bridge with your friends again!

Seated Exercise At Home

Our partners at Reneu Health (who teach our Strength & Balance class) have shared a number of seated exercises you can do at home to stay active and well! Visit their website and get started!
Click here to see the exercises

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