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Valentine’s Day: Wine and Chocolate Pairing and Tasting

The gift of wine and chocolate is one of the most romantic presents you can gift someone (including to yourself) but did you know that pairing wine and chocolate is one of the most challenging pairings in the culinary world?
Please join us for a delightful wine and chocolate tasting where we'll chat about why certain choco-vino pairings work better than others while enjoying some delicious examples.
The discussion will be led by Stefano Poggi (Certified Wine Specialist & Italian Wine Specialist from the North American Sommelier Association) who has been in the wine industry for 16 years and has a passion for chocolate as well.
This conversation will touch upon wines, chocolate, and two icons of beautiful Italy, Puglia and Piemonte.  
Expect lots of pictures!
Duca Carlo Guarini "Burdi" Primitivo - since "Zinfandel" is genetically the same as Primitivo, this fresh version from the oldest wine making family in Italy will show how specific red wines can work well with dark chocolate.  We will be pairing this wine with Dark Chocolate Truffle and Fleur de Sel Dark Truffle.
Batasiolo "Bosc d'La Rei" Moscato d'Asti DOCG - This DOCG (highest classification) dessert wine from one of the chocolate capitals of the world will show how different sweetness levels of chocolate, along with additional ingredients, can more perfectly create wining combos.  This wine will be paired with Orange Jianguja Truffle and a White Truffle.
Each tasting will include 2 wines and 4 chocolate truffles.
Buon San Valentino!

Friday, February 12, 5pm. $50/M, $55/NM. 

Valentine’s Day: Wine and Chocolate Pairing and Tasting - M

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