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Wednesday, June 30, 10 AM - Virtual Presentation

Stretch for the Best Quality of Life 

Talia Rozen, Co-Founder, JO STRETCH (One-on-one assisted stretching)

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Why is stretching so important to increase quality of life? Consistent stretching creates the habit of elongating the muscles so our joints can have better mobility.  The presentation will address some of the benefits of stretching including ensuring correct posture, reducing pain, increasing circulation, and helping to prevent injuries.  The importance of breathing properly to get a deeper stretch and best results will also be addressed.

About Talia Rosen

Talia Rosen, is one of the founders of Jo Stretch in La Jolla. She has a B.S in Kinesiology and more than 12 years of experience in personal training, group exercise, and corporate fitness. She is also a triathlete and has completed numerous Ironman distance triathlons.

JO STRETCH is located at 7746 Girard Avenue, La Jolla, CA 92037

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