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A New Path Amidst COVID-19

We are forging a new path in how we operate, but not how we communicate and connect with our members. We are renewed in our promise to inspire, connect and engage with all our members. To that end, we are calling all our members to check in and ask how we can provide the services and information they need. In response to these calls, we revamped our Website, adding a COVID-19 Resource, Virtual Class Page and Stay Connected page to the site. Our resource page is a compilation of community service offerings (meal delivery, etc.) and includes links to vital COVID-19 sites for additional information.

We are ramping up our efforts to provide a variety of online classes—using the online application of Zoom. This application allows students to participate, communicate with the instructor and enjoy the class offering online via mobile phone, tablet or computer. So far, we are offering select classes such as yoga, meditation, T’ai chi, strength and balance, Ico-dance, music appreciation—with more scheduled classes added each week. We also have a variety of “classes on demand” or whenever your schedule permits. These include mat yoga, ukulele instruction, and more.

One thing is for sure, we value and appreciate our loyal members, corporate sponsors, vendors, suppliers, instructors, and musicians and artists---all our stakeholders that make our Center a vital and strong community resource. Thanks for your patronage through the years and through this time. We are forging a new path together and look forward to connecting with you in the months ahead.

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