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New Front Entrance Sliding Doors Installed!

Project Funded through San Diego County's Neighborhood Reinvestment Program

On November 18, new front entrance power-operated sliding doors were installed, replacing the Center's heavy bronze doors. The doors are opened by either a push button or by motion sensors when entering the building. The installation was made possible through funds received as part of a $15,000 grant that the Center received from the County's Neighborhood Reinvestment Program in August.

Executive Director Nancy Walters said the need for a more accessible entrance was imperative. "The pandemic created social isolation for many seniors and also impacted their physical abilities, including the strength required to access and open our front doors," she explained. "We noticed hesitation at the entrance from seniors who use a walker or cane. Many seniors that have difficulties with balance also viewed the door as an obstacle. A power-operated front entrance will alleviate these concerns of seniors when entering our building. Our thanks to the County of San Diego for making this project possible and to both past and present County Supervisors, including the recent support of County Supervisor for District 3, Terra Lawson Reemer."

Cipriano Vargas, Strategic Initiatives & Community Engagement Manager with County Supervisor Terra Lawson Reemer pictured below with Nancy Walters outside the new doors.

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