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Chair Nathan Fletcher Shares 2020 Priorities at Distinguished Speaker Series Online Event

Nathan Fletcher, Supervisor of San Diego County’s Fourth District and Chair of San Diego County’s Board of Supervisors discussed his priorities on January 18 as part of LJCC’s Distinguished Speaker Series. During his online presentation, said that he was elected as chair to a second term by a bi-partisan and unanimous vote but added that although there are “ideological differences, it is possible for us to work together.”

He discussed the County’s high vaccination rate for COVID-19 and reported that with the availability of boosters, “we are not at the peak as we were pre-vaccination,” with respect to cases of the new virus strains. He’s encouraged by the fact that the County is seeing 10 days of decline of Omicron, and thinks we can get to an endemic state—similar to what we experience with the flu.

Fletcher listed top priorities of homelessness, behavioral health and safety in our communities. He explained that the County partners with incorporated cities to solve the homelessness problem and specifically, that cities are involved with the actual structures and locations and the county steps in to provide needed services. He was adamant that the County needs more mental health and drug treatment facilities. To Fletcher, it’s critical that we “don’t allow individuals to become homeless in the beginning,” by focusing on affordable housing and adequate wages for the working class. He also promised to crack down on unregulated or un-serialized “ghost guns,” to address the rise in violent crimes in San Diego.

Due to recent re-districting efforts as of 1/15/22, Nathan Fletcher will now represent District 4 and Supervisor Terra Lawson Remer will now represent District 3, which includes La Jolla.

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