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Holiday Meal Delivery Program Brings Cheer to Members

Approximately 75 chef-prepared meals were delivered to members, including many who live alone last month. The delivery boxes included a gourmet dinner prepared by premier chef Nikki Schaeffer with chicken, potatoes and vegetables from the Valley Farm Market; fresh fruits and vegetables donated by the Yasukochi Family Farms in Oceanside; and flowers as well. Members receiving the meals told us how much it meant to them, including member Stephen Nagler who said he was “incredibly grateful for your constant spirit of generosity,” and Sharon Beckas, who told us she “forgot what wonderful flavors food has when cooked with love and care.”

The effort was made possible by a grant awarded by the San Diego Seniors Community Foundation as well as the sponsors above. “We greatly appreciate the donation by Derek Marso, owner of Valley Farm Market and manager Cari Slater and the generous fruits and vegetables from the Yasukochi Family Farms,” said Yansick. “This was one way we could really show seniors in our community that there’s someone that cares about them, especially during the Pandemic. Our mission is to help isolated seniors during this critical time.”

Chef Nikki Schaeffer, with more than 30-years of experience in the restaurant and culinary fields and who worked at Wolfgang Puck’s ObaChine in Seattle prepared the meals and also teaches virtual cooking classes at the Center.

“Our goal in the next year is to implement programs like this one—that match our vision for 2021—to connect with isolated seniors and find ways to meet their needs, with care and compassion,” said Nancy Walters.

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