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La Jolla Community Center Receives EUC (Energy Upgrade California) Grant

The La Jolla Community Center is the recipient of an EUC (Energy Upgrade California) grant designed to share education and energy efficiency and best practices with LJCC members and citizens of the La Jolla community. EUC is a statewide initiative committed to educating and motivating citizens (and all California residents) in meeting

the state's energy goals.

"We are delighted to receive these funds and will work with EUC on getting this vital message out to our members and citizens," said Nancy Walters, executive director. "We are dedicated to doing our part to increase energy efficiency in our community. For example, we initiated and completed a solar roof project in 2021 that allows us to reduce our energy consumption and illustrates our commitment to renewable energy options. We will share energy efficiency information in our communication platforms in the weeks ahead."

According to EUC, grants such as this one encourage the state's 40 million residents to secure a clean energy future for generations and helps meet the 2030 energy goals laid out in Senate Bill 350.

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