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Shortly after sunset on Sept.l3, 1939, the British passenger ship Athenia was torpedoed by a German submarine, plunging more than 1400 people into a struggle to survive. Athenia became the first British ship sunk by Germany in the war. The attack also ignited the Battle of the Atlantic, the longest continuous combat action of World War II. Today, however, very few people on either side of the Atlantic have heard of Athenia or know if the ship's place in history. In a multi-media presentation, author Tom Sanger describes events leading up to the tragedy, the circumstances that put Athenia's passengers and crew in harm's way, and the heroic efforts that rescued more than 1300 survivors. Tom's talk will also explain why this tragedy has faded from our collective memory and why it should not be forgotten.


Thursday, August 12, 4-5 PM

Free/Member, $10/Non-Member*

Limited capacity. Ticket purchase required to reserve your seat.

This event includes a reception in the courtyard inclusive of pastries and refreshments.

*cancelations must be made 7 days in advance to receive a refund.

Author Talk: The Athenia Story - Non-Member

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