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How Computers & Digital Technology Impact Our Lives & the Role of Technology During COVID-19: Four-Part Series


A broad brush stroke of information will be presented on the world of computers and technology, as it relates to the senior population during this 4-week class.

Entrepreneurs Ben Shapiro and Michael Viesca from TekMate, a company focused on connecting technology with the senior population, will present 4 segments addressing what seniors need to know about the ways technology provides value and improves the quality of life. Classes will address Digital Security & Privacy; Telehealth, Digital Health & Fitness; the Smart Home and Emerging Technologies (such as gadgets to turn on and off house lights); and a closer look at social networks and devises from desktops to Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones.


“There is so much opportunity for older and younger generations to share knowledge and support each other. I value the impact of older generations and want to break down the generational divide that exists between us,” Ben Shapiro, CEO TekMate


Four-part series

Tuesday, November 10, 17, 24, Dec 1. 1-2pm.

$60/Members; $80/Non-Members

Computer and Digital Technology Class, Non-Member

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