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Reinvent, Revitalize and Reimagine Your Life with the Tools of Evidence-Based Hypnotherapy


Sign up for an in-depth four-part class series starting with a FREE introductory session taught by Elena Mosaner, MS, PCC Hypnotherapist & Coach.


The classes are designed to help participants learn and practice evidence-based hypnotherapy techniques and tools for the improvement of health, empowerment and self-discovery. Mosaner will present recent studies about the benefits of hypnosis and include case studies, depicting the process of hypnosis and how it works for behavior modification and well-being. She will be addressing the role of active imagination, ways to program the self using affirmations, the process of self-inquiry that leads to self-discovery and how to use self-hypnosis to heal and improve health. Each session will include a 15-minute group hypnosis meditation to integrate learning and a small assignment will be provided to practice self-hypnosis between sessions.

Introductory Session
Tuesday, November 10, 10-10:30am.


Four-part series

Tuesday, November 17, 24, Dec 1, Dec 8. 10 -11am.

$80/Members; $100/Non-Members


Reinvent, Revitalize and Reimagine Your Life with Hypnotheraphy, Member

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