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Why International Law Matters


For centuries, international law has played an enormous role in shaping the content and form of the international state system. Through elaborate procedures, rule and guidelines, it impacted on the relationships between states at various levels. State sovereignty, diplomacy, peace, war – all the dimensions of global existence are influenced by this.

This peer-to-peer conversation will examine the complex and varied sources, traditions, customs and functions of international law. We will talk about its significance in the international system and for humanity.

Session 1: Historical Aspects of International Law

Session 2: Introduction to the foundations of international law

Session 3: Customary law and treaty law

Session 4: Westphalia, the United Nations, the Nuremberg Judgement, and International Courts

Facilitator: Dr. Bill Kadaras

Dr. Bill Kadaras taught undergraduate and graduate courses in international law for more than a decade. He has a strong interest in comparative socio-historical analysis that spans the fields of history, sociology, international relations, gender studies, international/global studies and international law.


Tuesdays, October 1, 8, 15, 22. 3-4pm. Followed by drinks and appetizers.
$15/M, $35/NM for 4-week course.

PLC: Why International Law Matters, M

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